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Vegan Panthenol Daily Repair Cream 80ml

Vegan Panthenol Daily Repair Cream 80ml

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Immediately soothe and moisturize irritated skin! Infused with panthenol, birch extract and mugwort leaf extract, this cream quickly absorbs into the skin to repair, nourish and restore oil & moisture balance.

✔ 50,000 ppm Panthenol moisturizes the skin
✔ Soothes and moisturizes skin irritated by external environment.
✔ Contains natural ingredients such as birch extract and mugwort leaf extract to maintain moisture and provide nutrition.
✔ Helps to improve itchiness and atopic dermatitis cause by dryness by containing patented ingredients.
✔ Soft texture for moist finish, easy absorption for comfortable use.
✔ EWG green grade ingredients.
✔ 100% vegan formula.
✔ NOT tested on animals.


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